Hi! I'm Tim Dietrich.

Tim Dietrich

I've been developing software since 1987, started developing with FileMaker in 1992, and became an independent FileMaker developer in 2008. Since then, I've had the opportunity to work on projects for several amazing clients, including the Library of Congress, Siemens, and the University of Virginia, and many more.

I've developed a wide range of custom FileMaker solutions for my clients, including order processing systems, inventory management systems, accounting systems. You name it, and chances are I've developed it.

I stopped developing FileMaker solutions back in 2015. However, since then I've continued to help clients integrate FileMaker with other technologies - including other database platforms, Web publishing systems, and many more.

Recently, I developed XFM, which makes it easy to develop Xojo-based applications that integrate FileMaker. With XFM, developers can create desktop, mobile, and Web apps that push and pull data to and from hosted FileMaker databases.

To learn more about me, please see my profile on LinkedIn.

XFM, a new Xojo / FileMaker module, is now available. Learn more >

vcpe.org is a great example of FileMaker / Xojo / Google Maps integration.

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