XFM Released

Published on November 18, 2017

XFM, which I recently demonstrated as part of a Xojo Webinar, is now available.

XFM makes integrating Xojo apps with FileMaker insanely easy. With XFM, you can:

• Retrieve data using simple or complex criteria.
• Add, update, delete, and duplicate records.
• Run server-side FileMaker scripts.
• Access value lists.
• And more.

XFM connections do not count as concurrent connections. The class is compatible with FileMaker Server 12 thru 16. It is being provided via an open source license, so there's absolutely no charge to use it.

For more information on XFM, and to download it, click here.

To view a recording of the Xojo Webinar in which XFM was demonstrated, click here.

XFM, a new Xojo / FileMaker module, is now available. Learn more >

vcpe.org is a great example of FileMaker / Xojo / Google Maps integration.

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