XFM helps developers create Xojo-based apps that integrate with FileMaker databases.

With Xojo, you can create amazing desktop, mobile, and Web apps. Add XFM, and you can easily integrate those apps with FileMaker databases.

How easy is it? Take a look at this code snippet.

// Create an XFM request instance.
Dim FM As New XFM.Request
FM.Host = FMDatabaseHost
FM.Account = FMDatabaseAccountName
FM.Password = FMDatabasePassword
FM.Database = FMDatabaseName

// Get the first 10 blog posts, 
// sorted by date in descending order and sub-sorted by title.
FM.Layout = "Blog_Posts"
FM.SortFieldAdd("Publication_Date", "descend")
FM.SortFieldAdd("Title", "ascend")
FM.Skip = 0
FM.Max = 10

// Get the results as a JSON object.
Dim FMResultSet As JSONItem = FM.ResponseJSONItem.Value("fmresultset")

Features and Benefits

• Retrieve data using simple or complex criteria.
• Add, update, delete, and duplicate records from within your Xojo apps.
• Run server-side FileMaker scripts, and pass parameters as well.
• Access value lists.
• XFM connections do not count as concurrent connections.
• Works with FileMaker Server 12 thru 16.

It's free!

XFM can be used free-of-charge. It is being provided via an MIT License.

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